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EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE)

EngInSite PHP Editor in an integrated development environment (IDE) that drastically simplifies
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6 April 2005

Editor's review

If it’s been long since you’re looking for a skilled PHP editor tool, then it’s time when must try out EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE) It’s an effective IDE for the PHP technologies that supports functioning expertly with PHP 4 and 5. Even, you would find it easier to manage your projects as the program interface is somewhat alike with MS Visual Studio and Delphi. The tool proficiently aids you in creating, running, editing, and debugging the PHP codes to generate final output. Not only the program is proficient with PHP but also supports working with HTML codes. Also, it boasts of a distinctive debugger system that supports setting a breakpoint in the script and run your application’s main form. With even more features like Intellisense, Autocomplete, Hint system, Unicode and UTF8 support, in-built Tag Editor, and even more, the program is extremely beneficial for developers.

EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE) tool imparts a modestly framed console with wide-range of functions intact. The multi-tab supports you to open different PHP or HTML files, so that you can shuffle and instantly access different files and work with them. The Project and Navigator panels enable you to explore the pages of your project and make the necessary changes. With every tab, while create or edit a PHP code file you’re provided with three sub-tabs Source, Output, HTML to have different view of the page content. Further, lower part of the screen Output panel containing features like Input, Messages, Journal, Find In Files 1, Find In Files 2, Events, Breakpoints, Watchpoints, Eval Results, and more providing different details relating the file you edit. You can easily create, edit, and publish the file, search for specific content in it, and also it provides with Intellisense with Hint system having knowledge of entire 3079 main functions in PHP coding. It imparts vast range of supportive functions that aid you in PHP and HTML coding.

EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE) utility facilitates you in generating PHP scripts and editing related tasks proficiently. The application is justifiably being given the rating at 4 points for its comprehensive set of functions and remarkable and credible performance.

Publisher's description

EngInSite PHP Editor is a powerful IDE for PHP technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all ordinary IDEs combined. What makes EngInSite PHP Editor a cut above the rest? Just look at the following features:
- Be ahead of the crowd, enjoy full PHP 4 and PHP 5 support.
- Manage projects with ease via an interface similar to the well-known Microsoft® Visual Studio® or Delphi.
- Unlike most IDEs, EngInSite PHP Editor wraps around already-existing projects and allows you to use different PHP distributions.
- Our Code Navigator makes viewing your project a breeze.
- Debug with an easy, intuitive interface: the integrated debugger makes it easy to set breakpoints, conditional breakpoints, single step through code and inspect the values of variables in your script.
- Define your own color schemes for unlimited ways of displaying your code.
- The Profiler helps you to find bottleneck in your PHP code
- Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates.
- You don't have to spend valuable time on Environment configurations. EngInSite PHP Editor does it all for you.
- Customize the user interface the way that you like it.
- EngInSite PHP Editor is HTML-aware -- use the built-in Tag Editor to work with HTML tags and attributes.
- EngInSite PHP Editor is faster and more efficient than Java-based IDEs. This powerful tool is written entirely in a native Windows language.
- EngInSite PHP Editor is professionally designed to meet Microsoft Windows interface guidelines: you can work quickly and efficiently with the intuitive Windows interface you already know.
- EngInSite PHP Editor is packed with power. Even your largest projects run with ease in EngInSite PHP Editor.
EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE)
EngInSite PHP Editor (IDE)
Version 3.1.2
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